Maintenance of pressure equipment

PGME provides on-site maintenance of products that have been sold, or other equipment in the same product ranges, and in particular:

  • The orifice holders and their diaphragms,
  • The insulating joints and the outer resin,
  • Annual maintenance of gas heaters and burner combustion settings.

PGME staff is qualified as UIC N2 in order to intervene safely on your installations. It is also trained to apply your prevention plans.

In some cases, PGME can ensure the rehabilitation of old materials. After examination, with possible disassembly, PGME:

  • Gives an opinion on the possibilities of rehabilitation,
  • Verifies compliance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Carries out the studies of the modifications and the calculation of the spare parts,
  • Ensures the manufacture of new parts,
  • Reassembly and re-commissioning of the installations.

Do not hesitate to consult us for your equipment in operation.