Gas heater

Gas heater

The PGME gas heater is designed to heat up a large volume of gas. The gas heater consists of a coil immersed in a water bath heated by a last-generation, controlled combustion burner. Each application is specifically designed to find the best cost/footprint/efficiency tradeoff.

To avoid the formation of hydrates on the gas relaxation stations, PGME offers heaters that allow to increase the temperature of the gas before relaxing, in order to maintain a positive temperature after relaxation. To adapt to customer specifications, environmental stresses, the volume of gas to be treated, the difference in upstream/downstream pressure, PGME offers various solutions such as electric reheating, boiler heating and heat exchanger, or warm-up by Bain-Marie. This latest technology, the most successful in the area of reheating, brings you security, economy and performance.

In Bain-Marie heaters, the use of high-performance burners reduces the consumption of gas taken from the main line, and limits atmospheric emissions to the best level of European regulations. Temperature probes installed at different levels provide installation control information to adapt the heating power to the right required.

PGME offers complete solutions for your new relaxation stations or for the development of existing relaxation stations. By taking a turnkey project, you avoid the coordination of several suppliers. PGME takes care of everything!

From 500 to 350 000 Nm3/h, PGME has a high-performance gas reheating solution. See us.

Option: power supply, photovoltaic/wind, collaborative remote maintenance